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Map of Haida Gwaii

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Haida Gwaii is a land of beautiful bays, big trees, and Type 2 fun, at least for people on the water (Type I Fun: is enjoyable while it’s happening; Type 2 Fun: miserable while it’s happening, but fun in retrospect). The west coast is rugged, poorly charted, and the anchorages are tucked in only 25 miles from the deep dark depths of the continental slope. The east coast is some of the shallowest water you'll find in BC and the speed that the sea state changes will blow your mind and test your resilience. The place is inextricably tied to the people of the Haida Nation, but that's not my story to tell. I will say that everything from Cape St.James, to Langara Island, to Rose Spit and back south to the cape is worth seeing. 

The map includes features that matter to a waterperson like the key lightstations and those places where character is built like Skidegate Bar and Hecate Strait. You can see the likeliest spots to stage for crossing to the archipelago. The compass rose is based off a marine chart. The scale is in nautical miles. 

Disclaimer: This map is for dreaming and story-telling and is not intended for navigation.

Story Notes: I have a vague, rainy memory of going to Haida Gwaii as a little kid. Sandy beaches, big trees, someone carving a cedar canoe. Those memories held when I got back there as an adult, but there is so much more. Others have written about the place, but I'm not going to try, I'll just say that you should go see it for yourself. 


Heavier-weight, premium-quality, semi-glossy paper.

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The print quality makes the maps pop with enhanced colors and a subtle shine.

Paper weight:200 gsm/80lb

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Maps are designed with metric dimensions: 50cm x 70cm

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Note: Paper sizes may vary slightly by region. For the US and Canada, the measurement is in inches, while for the rest of the world, it is in centimeters.


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Data Source

Proudly made using QGIS: The stack includes SRTM hillshade and GEBCO bathymetry for a three-dimensional look, with a little satellite imagery hidden underneath to add depth to the colour ramp. Freshwater features are from the BC Freshwater Atlas.