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My formal education is in Geography. At university I focused on marine resource management with an emphasis on geospatial technologies like GIS ('Geographic Information Systems', just a fancy acronym for software that does spatial analysis and lets you make maps), Remote Sensing (working with imagery from things like satellites, drones, or even a depth sounder), and Cartography (the endlessly fascinating art of making maps). My informal education is far more interesting. I grew up rural on the BC coast. I come from a family that makes things (weavers, painters, pantry stuffing canners, photographers, boat builders) and I have been doing art making things since I was a kid. For me, cartography strikes a perfect balance between the rigors of science, the applicability of a trade, and the creativity of art.

Satellite map of the BC coast, with bright pink lines showing a sailboat track over a season

Did I mention that I love maps?

I combined my love of cartography and my love of the sea into this map collection.

Maps are important. They are for remembering where we come from and imagining where we're going. They are for telling stories and coming up with wild schemes late at night around the table with friends. When a map is hung on a wall it gives us a daily reminder of what's possible and helps remind us to put in the work towards our goals: places we want to go, things we want to do, all in the quest to live a life that we can proudly call our own.

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I hope you find what you're looking for in my collections.

Every map and design you see here was made by me.

If you are convinced that you have an amazing idea for a map or want something customized then feel free to contact me. I make no promises, but I do custom projects and freelance work when time allows and I am always open to compelling projects.