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Map of British Columbia

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British Columbia has over 16,000 nautical miles of coastline and I guarantee that there is something for every waterperson. Love that urban vibe? Check out the 'bright lights, big city anchorages' around Vancouver and Victoria. Want to paddle? Your options are endless, catch a ferry up the coast and start from the ferry terminal.  Like surfing? Good hunting, you won't hear a peep about spots from me. Do you thrive on farm markets? Great, nearly every town has got one. Do you love floppy hats and good beats? Music festivals can be found up and down the coast. Wildlife? Everywhere. Beautiful landscapes. Everywhere. Adventure and/or chillin? Everywhere.

The map includes features that matter to a waterperson like the key lightstations and those places where character is built like Johnstone Strait and Cape Caution. The towns on the map are the ones that are a good stop for provisions. The compass rose is based off a marine chart. The scale is in nautical miles. You can see the Canada-US border.

Disclaimer: This map is for dreaming and story-telling and is not intended for navigation.

Story Notes: Born and raised on Vancouver Island, I didn't get to see the north coast until I got a sailboat. And like magic, the area I could explore doubled in size. There are places on this coast where I've felt like I've glimpsed the edge of enlightenment, there are also places on this coast where I've doubted every decision I've ever made that brought me to that moment at sea. Vancouver Island may be the place where I grew up, but the whole BC coast is what I think of as home.


Heavier-weight, premium-quality, semi-glossy paper.

The finish also adds a layer of protection, preventing the poster from fading over time due to exposure to light or moisture.

The print quality makes the maps pop with enhanced colors and a subtle shine.

Paper weight:200 gsm/80lb

FSC-certified paper


Maps are designed with metric dimensions: 50cm x 70cm

Equivalent to: 20"x28″

Note: Paper sizes may vary slightly by region. For the US and Canada, the measurement is in inches, while for the rest of the world, it is in centimeters.


Each poster is shipped in robust packaging, ensuring it arrives safe and secure.

Data Source

Proudly made using QGIS: The stack includes SRTM hillshade and GEBCO bathymetry for a three-dimensional look, with a little satellite imagery hidden underneath to add depth to the colour ramp. Freshwater features are from the BC Freshwater Atlas.